Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

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    In our pursuit of total customer satisfaction, please take a minute to rate your cleaning crew’s performance by choosing the appropriate rating as follows:

    Entrance/Lobby-cleaned, swept, mopped, carpet vacuumed, mats dusted, windows cleaned and counters wiped.

    Rooms/Offices/Windows-floors swept and mopped, carpet vacuumed, furniture and fixtures dusted, windows cleaned and overall cleanliness in these areas.

    Hallways-swept, mopped, carpet vacuumed.

    Restrooms-clean and sanitized, floors swept and mopped, urinals clean and sanitized, overall cleanliness of restrooms.

    Kitchen-floors swept, mopped, degreased. Pantry floors swept and mopped.

    Trash-bags emptied and changed, trash cans wiped down.

    Buffing Maintenance-overall condition of hard surface floors. Is buffing being done to your specifications?

    Dusting-overall dusting, high and low, ceiling vents, furniture, pictures.

    Baseboards-overall condition of baseboards. Are they getting attention?

    Supplies-soap, toilet tissue and paper towels refilled?Leaving notes when supplies are running low?

    Communication-how well is the cleaning crew communicating with you?